photo by Stephanie Arnold

Name: David

Occupation: Writer of stories (and songs)

Publications: MOSQUITOLAND and KIDS OF APPETITE (more info here)

Location: Lexington, KY

Awesome family: awesome wife, awesome son

Previous job experience: freelance musician, preschool teacher, stay-at-home dad

Qualifications: Uh

Favorite foods: pesto, chips, coffee, things with cilantro, garlicky things, really good soup I guess

Favorite places: bookstores, record stores, Middle-earth, Hogwarts, my house

Favorite time of year: Christmastime

Favorite music: Elliott, Miles, Tiersen, Arcade Fire, Bowie, The Antlers, Sylvan Esso, Brion, Sufjan, Sakamoto, Sigur Ros, Veirs, Desplat, Debussy

Favorite TV shows: The West Wing, The X Files, Arrested Development, The Office, Seinfeld, Game of Thrones, Community, Six Feet Under

Least favorite things: olives, liars, wet socks

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